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Photographers, where are they ?

From 2017-04-08 to 2017-07-02

Château de Courcelles - Montigny-lès-Metz (FRANCE)
Exhibition by GĂ©rard Rondeau
GĂ©rard Rondeau was one of the greats contemporary photographers, deceased last September 13th, 2016. His exhibitions and books look like diaries, his pictures are living records, outstanding stories.

He has exhibited his personal works in famous places of the whole world (Grand Palais and Maison de la photographie in Paris, galleries and festivals in Berlin, Rome, Buenos Aires, Jakarta...). Portraitist, he worked for the newspaper \"Le...

Gunnar Smoliansky - Signs and Traces
Interview : Agence VU
The most precious essences
Serie : Denis Dailleux
Book : Bernard Faucon
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Jean-François Spricigo
VU'WORKSHOP : Prise de vue : de l’émotion à la construction de l’image

In the second part of the interview, Roland Angst, publisher of Gunnar Smoliansky's book Signs and Traces, talk about the Swedish photographer and the eponym exhibition. At Galerie VU', from March 17th to April 29th, 2017.


For the 250 years of the famous Givaudan house, great name of the fragrance market, Denis Dailleux undertook to follow the trail of the most precious essences that can be extracted from nature. Denis Dailleux furrowed Madagascar, Morocco and the south of India, from iris sprinkling the Middle...

Les polaroids préparatoires des mises en scène de Bernard Faucon nous font entrer dans la fabrication de ses images, racontée pas à pas par Anaël Pigeat. La plupart ont disparus, seuls restent ces “rescapés”, reliques un peu sacrées, que le livre offre d’ausculter à la manière d’un...

Les 19, 20 et 21 Mai 2017
Un photographe doit se positionner : veut-il chercher Ă  montrer le plus « objectivement » possible ou au contraire s’exprimer sur ce qu’il montre – et assumer ainsi sa singularitĂ© ? Dans ce workshop, nous explorerons la seconde proposition. Pour cela, nous...

Tractor Boys
From 2017-03-31 to 2017-05-21
Exhibition : Martin Bogren
Architecture and Photography
From 2017-04-06 to 2017-04-29
Exhibition : Pierre-Olivier Deschamps
Canada Canada
Book : Rip Hopkins
Mosul, portrait of a slow return to life
Serie : Loulou d'Aki

As part of the photographic festival \"L\'oeil urbain\", Martin Bogren exhibit his serie Tractor Boys on young boys in their early teens in the remote region of Skane, Sweden. Those boys have a ritual of gathering together in a large deserted field at night (some with their girlfriends) to drive...


As part of the Mois de la Photo 2017, Pierre-Olivier Deschamps presents, in a collective exhibition which links architecture and photography, an extract of his series about the places of the futures train stations of Grand Paris public transport network. Result of an order following on from the one...

“Before I went to Canada, I felt that I was intimately familiar with this part of the world through the pursuit races, the butt stories and the tricks of North American cinema.” Canada Canada is a cinematic fantasy. Canada my own film where I am its main protagonist. In this documentary...


What does life looks like in Mosul after three somber years past under the yoke of ISIS ? How to start again a normal everyday life after having experienced the jihadist terror ? In order to answer those questions, Loulou d’Aki has been meeting the inhabitants of Mosul districts which has been...

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