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Photographers, where are they ?

Story by Pierre-Elie de Pibrac

The former leading dancer of the Opera National of Paris, Aurélie Dupont, has been named at the head of the Dance Department of the prestigious institution. She will come into office next September.

Belgian Blue Blood
Book : Rip Hopkins
Okinawan sorrow
Story : Ian Teh
Gérard Rondeau est l’invité de l’Humeur Vagabonde (France Inter)
GĂ©rard Rondeau
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Lorenzo Castore
VU'WORKSHOP : Defining, Preparing and Carrying Out a Photographic Project

British photographer Rip Hopkins presents us here with a surprising range of 96 portraits he made in Belgium, the country of aristocracy. Belgian historian Olivier de Trazegnies explores the paradoxes of Belgian aristocracy, while French Author Pauline de la Boulaye, like a botanist pinning a...


n Japan, Okinawa inhabitants have been fighting for more than 30 years against the massive presence of US military bases on their land. The Futenma base is seen as a danger for the population and has become a symbol of this struggle. Its transfer to the north of the island imagined by the...


Qu’est-ce qui nous fait nous arrêter devant une photographie plutôt qu’une autre ? Dans ce monde sursaturé d’images, comme le dit si bien Christian Caujolle, c’est évidemment le sentiment de regarder quelque chose de différent, de participer ce faisant à une vision d’un...

2 rendez-vous Online
+ les 20 et 21 FĂ©vrier 2016
Walking in the street with your camera is indeed one way of practising photography, however, in this workshop we propose to approach things completely differently: We will work on defining as precisely as possible what you want to do, the subject you want to treat and how...

Darcy Padilla on "Facing Change: Documenting America"
Darcy Padilla
Islam, Beyond the Stereotypes
Munem Wasif
Men's fashion in Paris
Maia Flore
Les murs ne parlent pas
Book : Jean-Robert Dantou

In 2013, San Francisco photographer Darcy Padilla received an e-mail from the board of Facing Change Documenting America (FCDA) asking her if she would join their team of 10 renowned photojournalists to document important social issues facing Americans. The goal: raising awareness. Inspired by the...


"When Munem Wasif was offered a gallery exhibit to coincide with Paris Photo earlier this month, he chose to show “In God We Trust,” his personal project on Islam in Bangladesh and his family’s relationship to it. Although he was uncertain how people would respond to the exhibit, he felt...


Maia Flore was for "Liberation" backstage of fashion shows ready-to-wear Man.

The trilogy The Walls Don’t Speak (Les murs ne parlent pas) is the result of a three-year dialog between the photographer Jean-Robert Dantou, and an interdisciplinary Social Sciences team coordinated by the anthropologist, Florence Weber. The photographer set up his studio in various institutions...