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Current Exhibitions

Martin Bogren - Tractor Boys
Commanderie Saint-Jean (FRANCE)
From 2017-03-31 to 2017-05-21

Gérard Rondeau - Off-screen, museums and artists
Château de Courcelles (FRANCE)
From 2017-04-08 to 2017-07-02

Laerke Posselt - Q* Bending Gender
Holstebro Museum of Art (DENMARK)
From 2017-04-08 to 2017-09-17

François Fontaine - Orient Dream
La Maison de la Chine (FRANCE)
From 2017-04-10 to 2017-06-17

Isabelle Eshraghi - Back to my roots
Silk Road Gallery (IRAN)
From 2017-04-21 to 2017-05-08

Adrien Selbert - Srebrenica, nuit à nuit
From 2017-04-23 to 2017-06-11

Dominique Delpoux - Workers of Cofrablack
Sarcus Centre d’Affaires et d’Innovation Sociale (FRANCE)
From 2017-04-24 to 2017-06-04

Rip Hopkins - Canada Canada
Galerie d'Art d'Ottawa (CANADA)
From 2017-04-28 to 2017-06-11

Next exhibitions

Patrick Taberna - Leaving, returning, remembering
La Fabrique du Pont d’Aleyrac (FRANCE)
From 2017-05-01 to 2017-06-11

Bernard Descamps - Où sont passés nos rêves ?
Galerie Le Lieu (FRANCE)
From 2017-05-05 to 2017-07-23

Denis Dailleux - Les gens de mon village
ImageSingulières - Entrepôts Larosa (FRANCE)
From 2017-05-24 to 2017-06-11

Anne Rearick - Sète #17
ImageSingulières - Chapelle du Quartier Haut (FRANCE)
From 2017-05-24 to 2017-06-11

The Time Before

Bernard Faucon

Galerie VU
Hôtel Paul Delaroche, 58 rue Saint-Lazare
75009 Paris (FRANCE)
+33 1 53 01 85 85

From 2014-03-14 to 2014-04-26

• The Galerie VU' is open from monday to saturday (14PM-19PM) or on appointment.

There is only one theme, one starting point: the dizziness to be there.

Bernard Faucon was 14 when his grandmother gave him a Semflex, a photo device 6 x 6, and discovers, fascinated, the magic of these great color slides that are so good at capturing the immediacy of the world. He remained faithful for 20 years at this technique.
Him, who wanted to be a painter or writer, can play with the camera trying to recreate the perfection of a moment, the face of the living, sensing the unintended poetry of everyday life. The framework is, first and foremost, the Luberon and its landscapes, its flamboyant sunsets where he sometimes recorded his silhouette, the languorous sadness of a winter's day , the hills which rise beyond. Home of his parents is then a summer camp for children. There he photographs his friends, his brother Pierre, often, his grandmother, the drying linen, the sun that gilds everything, the yard, the kitchen, the dry grass. He isolates moments, objects, subject. Each image seems to support the deep experimentation of a reality being done. The portraits are poised, serious and the one of Pierre à la Balançoire or swing or Michel à la Chapelle bring the attention to the framework or the construction of the image.
This intuitive, instinctive work, says the tense sensitivity of a young man of 16-17 painfully aware of a reality that no longer exists. Looking in order to keep better. But this is also meaningless. We know that the artistic necessity roots in childhood. And like any artist , Bernard Faucon drew them to create these images that we fill of our experience, our desires, our questions and sometimes our regrets. They become the material of which we are all made .

« From the outset, I was dazzled by the ability to capture the world, even if I kept wanting to be a painter. I photographed the sky, the glow of the setting sun through the trees, the faces of children, my brother Pierre. Faces and lights only. » — Bernard Faucon

Exhibitions catalog

Monographic exhibitions

Albert & Verzone
Bacigalupo Martina
Berruti Massimo
Boudjelal Bruno
Brault Philippe
Chapin Jean-Luc
Chivet Sophie
Coulange Olivier
Dailleux Denis
Darzacq Denis
Delpoux Dominique
Descamps Bernard
Deschamps Pierre-Olivier
Desprez Bertrand
Doury Claudine
Duroy Stéphane
Eshraghi Isabelle
Flore Maia
Fontaine François
Gomez Rovira Rodrigo
Goussard Christophe
Grignet Brigitte
Guigui Stanislas
Hingley Liz
Hock Marin
Hopkins Rip
Huguier Françoise
Hyytiäinen Arja
Iuncker Steeve
Lambert Yvon
Lecloux Frédéric
Lekfeldt Thomas
Martin Claire
Mirguet Olivier
Navia José Manuel
Nejmi Malik
Pauquet Claude
Picard Fabrice
Picard Serge
Pierrot Emmanuel
Propeck Agnès
Rearick Anne
Rondeau Gérard
Sauveur David
Sutkus Antanas
Taberna Patrick
Ten Hoopen Pieter
Tillim Guy
Turine Gaël
Van Denderen Ad
Vanden Eeckhoudt Michel
Wasif Munem
Winship Vanessa
Yankang Yang
Zuili Guillaume

Collective Exhibitions

  • Vu' by Robert Delpire
  • Full Size Nature
  • VU' in Paris
  • European Works

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