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Vodun Voodoo - The tryp of an African cult

In the Fon language spoken in Benin, Vodun means an invisible power, awesome and mysterious involved in human society. Rites and ceremonies enable live essential to maintain contact with the world of ancestors and spirits.

The transatlantic slave business, conducted by colonialist European nations soon the sixteenth century, led to the recovery of traditions African beliefs and millennia. The Slave Route, from the African counters to ports of arrival in the Americas, became and that of the voodoo cult.
This is in hiding and seeking to perpetuate worship, some slaves dignitaries voodoo cult did not fail to remind their brothers slaves that spirits had followed from their villages to the New World.
Thus, it is on background beliefs and iconography Catholics and slaves worked out gradually their own religion. The Haiti Voodoo was born.

Performed the following work carried out on several years of "investigation" by Gaël Turine, exposure Vodun Voodoo offers a dive into the world of voodoo around 3 large photo (Benin, Haiti, United States States), accompanied by proposals (texts, films, objects, ambient sound) giving this project a multidisciplinary opening.

7 framed black and white prints 70x100 cm each - 50 framed black and white prints 40X60 cm each - 5 framed color prints 40X40 cm each

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